Jackson County Child Support

Child Support Services

Support Services
The Child Support Division establishes and enforces child support obligations on behalf of participants in the IV-D child support program. Our office represents the State of Indiana in these matters, and the child’s interest in receiving appropriate financial support. We cannot offer advice regarding parenting time or child custody issues, or assist anyone with legal proceedings relating to these matters. 

Applying for Services
A parent or any other person (for example, a grandparent, aunt, or uncle) acting as a custodian of a child may apply for IV-D support services. Applications for services are taken in person in our office in Brownstown.

No application fee is charged charged-D services. TANF recipient cases are automatically referred to our office. Contact our office at (812) 358-6129 for additional information concerning documents or other items that must be provided to us when applying for services.

Jackson County Child Support Services
220 E Walnut Street
Brownstown, IN 47220

Deputy Prosecutor

Donald Frey (812) 358-6129