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Checklist for Transferring Documents
  • Grantor’s Name - Names must appear identically throughout the body of the document, in the signature, beneath the signature which is typed or printed, and in the notary block (IC 36-2-11-16)
    • The grantor’s name must match the tax accounting system including middle name or initial
    • If the name is different, a recital or AKA (also known as) should be documented on the deed
  • Grantee’s Name
  • Preparer’s Name - Must appear at the bottom of the document
    • If missing, document cannot be recorded
  • Tax Mailing Address - Grantee’s tax bill address must appear on the document, preferably on the face of the document
    • This should not be the address of a bank or mortgage company unless they are the grantee
  • Location - Real estate must be located in Allen County and described as located in Jackson County, Indiana
  • Legal Description - Must appear on document and must be a complete legal description, not the abbreviated form that is in the property tax system
  • Signatures - Must be original, not facsimiles or copies, unless taxpayer is re-recording a copy with corrections
    • Include date of signature and name printed beneath signature
  • Power of Attorney - Document number of the recorded power of attorney must be written beside / beneath the signature of the attorney signing the document
  • Notary - Must have a complete notarial statement, county and state where notarized, who appeared, the date the document was notarized, notary’s signature, name printed beneath the signature, and expiration date
  • Satisfactory Document Quality - If they are not legible, they will be refused
    • Auditor’s office may ask the recorder to review the quality before accepting the document
  • Court Document - Must have a judge’s signature or certified by the clerk with a seal or stamp
  • Signed Deed Date - Date deed is signed must be included