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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Community Corrections a jail?

Can you relay messages to people incarcerated in the County Jail?

What does it cost to be on your program?

Can your work crew clean or mow privately owned property?

If I pay my fees in full early can I be released from community service or home detention early?

Do you take personal checks to pay on fees?

Can I show up whenever I want to do my community service hours?

What days does your community service work crew run?

My job will not allow me to do my community service on the days the crew runs. Is there anything else I can do?

Is there a dress code for working on the work crew?

Does the work crew stop for lunch?

If I am on home detention, can I leave my house?

If I am on home detention, am I allowed to consume alcohol?

How can I find out if someone I know is on home detention?

I found an item that I believe to be a home detention ankle unit or receiver. What should I do with it? Is there a reward for finding the item?

I suspect someone on home detention is involved in an illegal activity or breaking the rules of home detention, what should I do? Do I have to leave my name?