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Community Service / Work Crew

Community Service

Participants in the Work Crew Program are those individuals who have been convicted of non-violent felonies or misdemeanors. They are those who have been court ordered to perform a certain number of unpaid hours in lieu of being incarcerated in state prison or county jail. People on the work crew pay a fee to be on the program.

For more information, view the work crew rules.
Community Tasks
The work crew provides a labor pool to complete community tasks that are ordinarily postponed or left undone due to budget or time and personnel restraints. The work crew continues to be one of Jackson County Community Corrections most visible, and to the community, most popular component. 

Road Crew
The road crew has developed into a regular source of manpower for many community nonprofit organizations. Some users of road crew assets are the Jackson County History Center, area senior citizens associations, Southern Indiana Center for the Arts, Anchor House Family Shelter, Jackson County Highway DepartmentIndiana Department of Transportation, and several area religious organizations. 

In trash pick-up alone along county and state roads, we work hundreds of man hours per month to keep Jackson County beautiful. The work crew is a consistent contributor to Township Trustees for small cemetery and park clean-up / maintenance and other projects for which there are limited or no funds available. Jackson County community service crews also work closely with the area’s Department of Natural Resources by helping out at the local campgrounds and recreational areas, such as Jackson-Washington Forestry and Starve Hollow.