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It is the Jackson County Assessor’s responsibility to evaluate all real estate, commercial and residential, based on market value in use. They are also responsible for evaluating personal property used to operate a business within the county.

Some other duties of the assessor include:
  • Assigning the new information on land splits
  • Gathering information on any changes to real estate property (for instance, a home destroyed by fire)
  • Consenting to transfer forms, which must be signed by the assessor before a decedent’s account can be closed
  • Reviewing information given on a real estate sales disclosure, if money exchanged hands

Katie Kaufman
County Assessor
Chris Sommers
First Deputy
111 S. Main St.
Suite 116
Brownstown, IN  47220

Ph: (812) 358-6111
Fx: (812) 358-3704

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm